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21 Декабря 2020
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Participation in CTT’2015


GOODWIN Group takes a part in CTT’2015 once again.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are glad to invite you to International Exhibition Construction Equipment and Technologies’2015(CTT’2015) which takes place in IEC Crocus Expo, Moscow in June 2 – 6, 2015.

Our stand #13-858 is situated in the pavilion #3 (the hall #13).

GOODWIN Group exhibits the following goods and products:

High quality high-pressure hoses and equipment for high-pressure hoses production manufactured by German firm UNIFLEX:

  • Crimping machines
  • Barking machines
  • Cutting machines

Equipment for hydraulic system diagnostics manufactured by English firm Webtec:

  • Digital and mechanical hydraulic systems
  • Reader units
  • Pressure consumption sensors

Temperature consumption sensors

Lighting equipment manufactured by European firms ECCO, Britax, Vision Alert, Delta Design:

  • Beacons
  • Light bars
  • Strobes
  • Flashlights and deflector plates
  • Head lights

We are happy to greet you among our guests and hope that International Exhibition Construction Equipment and Technologies’2015 will be useful for you!

Attention please! You have to book an e-ticket at official CTT’2015 web-site in advance.

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